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About Statewide Roofing Supplies

About Statewide Roofing Supplies

Statewide Roofing Supplies were established in 1986 by a partnership who had more than 50 years combined knowledge and experience in the roofing industry. Our core business is steel roofing in Adelaide, and it’s what we do best.

At Statewide Roofing Supplies, we ensure you receive the best quality products by using ONLY Australian Made Bluescope Steel products. You won’t find any inferior imported products, just Quality Australian Made Bluescope Steel.

We distribute a wide range of steel roofing, fencing, walling, and verandah/carport/pergola products from major brands including Colorbond, Lysaght, Fielders, Stratco, Revolution Roofing, Velux, and many more. If it’s an Australian made Steel Roofing or Fencing product, we’ll be able to get it.

Think of Statewide Roofing Supplies as a Hardware specifically for Roofing – from Pop Rivets to a full roof, we can supply you with the materials you need. We have no minimum orders, and being “Statewide”, we can offer State wide delivery across South Australia so you can get your Steel Roofing Supplies regardless of where you are.

If you’re looking for the highest Quality Steel Roofing Supplies with the highest quality service, think Statewide Roofing Supplies!